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The special bulbous plants

The special bulbous plants are included in both the spring-flowering and summer-flowering groups.
This "miscellaneous" group of "other" bulbous plants just might be the most interesting, however.
There are dozens (and maybe even hundreds) of them.
The number of hectares used to cultivate them is about 500.
Familiar representatives in this group are the Grape hyacinths, Fritillaria, Allium (ornamental onion), Anemone, Hippeastrum (amaryllis), Begonia, Scilla, Canna and Zantedeschia (Calla lily).
They are planted in gardens and parks, sold in pots, or used as material for cut flower production. Sometimes, a bulbous plant from this group emerges as a major bulbous plant due to its popularity.
This happened with the lily and may also occur again with Zantedeschias.
The interest in this "trendy flower" is so great that it is being grown on much more land every year.