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As one of the bulbous plants cultivated almost exclusively in the Netherlands, the hyacinth is another bulb with a long tradition in the flower bulb sector and has always been a favourite for forcing in pots during the winter months.
During the last 30 years, more and more hyacinths have also been used as cut flowers.
Planting them in gardens and parks has been done for centuries.
Of all the bulbous plants, the hyacinth is most cherished for its fragrance.
Its colours are predominantly pastel: pink, light blue, soft red, white, light yellow and light orange, but brighter colours such as purple and violet are available as well.
The land under cultivation with hyacinths has gradually increased to the present 1.250 hectares.
For flower bulb production, hyacinth bulbs are planted in the autumn (October) and lifted in the summer (June/July).