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The narcissus is in third place of the most cultivated bulbous plants and is grown on a total area of 1.700 hectares.
The narcissus has always been a highly favoured bulbous plant and has earned a permanent place in the flower bulb sector.
Still commonly cultivated are the trumpet and large-cupped narcissi, although there are many, many other interesting kinds of narcissi (or daffodils).
In total, there are about 2000 registered varieties! Even so, only about hundred are commonly available.
The colour for narcissi is predominantly yellow, but white, pink and orange occur, too.
They are used for both planting in the garden or park and for cut flower production.
Among the smaller narcissi, the cultivar known as ‘Tête-à-Tête’ is very popular and with almost 600 hectares in cultivation has even become the leading cultivar.
The majority of these bulbs are used for forcing in small pots.
For flower bulb production, narcissus bulbs are planted in the autumn (September) and lifted in the summer (July).