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Of all the bulbous plants, the tulip is the most important.
Tulips have been extremely popular as cut flowers and garden plants for many centuries.
In 2007, about 10,000 hectares were used for tulip bulb production.
The tulip accounts for one-third of the total export value for bulbs.
The number of varieties being cultivated is also huge.
There are more than 3000 varieties registered, while the number being cultivated on a commercial basis is not more than 750.
Tulips are classified into various groups based on their flowering period and shape.
Some examples are single, double, fringed, lily-flowered and parrot tulips.
There are also tulip groups for botanical tulips and their related varieties.
For flower bulb production, the tulip is planted in the autumn (October) and lifted in the summer(June/July).

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