Holland Bulb Market is a subsidiary company of "Holland Blumen Markt".
Apart from having flowershops in Austria, the main activities of this company are among other things:

- improving new Iris varieties
- making new Tulips varieties suitable to marketStorage of Bulbs
- a first-class nursery

Holland Bulb Market has years of experience in obtaining the best quality bulbs and plants from growers all over Europe.
The bulbs and plants are packed with the utmost care.
Our personnel is qualified to guarantee the quality of YOUR product.
Our bulk products have been sold to cities, parks, retailers and growers in many countries.

Our pre-packed products can especially be made for the retail markets.
The bulbs and plants can be sold immediately.
Large DisplayIdeal for supermarkets, garden-shops, flower-boutiques, home-improvement shops and shopping-malls.

From our warehouse directly to your shop; a trusted way of buying that many of our customers have already been following for years and years.
A work in progress that will eventually end up in stores all over the world.