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For retail we have developed a wide range of retail concepts. Our diverse range of products enables you to choose the right concept for the retail space available, market trends and customer budget. Our “ready to go” concepts are quick and easy to order, unpack and place in the shop for direct sales. We have developed several rack concepts in a range of sizes and formats. For those with limited space we also offer stackable and fold away solutions. Other concepts available include a pallet box design and promotion packs specifically for sales of flower bulbs in sacks and an idea for sales direct from Danish trolleys.

6 layer wooden rack 24 pin rack_star_autumn_1 7 layer 56 pins rack

3 laags rek_dubbel dubbelzijdig rek_red capper Rek Rood_2

2 segment display_1 3 segment display_2 Fold away display_schuin Danish container_full


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