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Newsletter Holland Bulb Market·(edition April 2012)

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The Holland Bulb Market newsletter is designed to keep you informed about important facts and developments within our company and more generally, in the bulb industry
Our newsletter will be published 4 times a year.
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*New Catalogues Autumn 2012

Our new Catalogues Autumn 2012 is ready and will by send to all our customers. On our website you can download our Autumn 2012 and Spring 2012 Catalog’s

Available in English, Russian and Deutsch (NEW) as well.
The current catalog is also viewable as flipping book

Catalogue Autumn 2012

*New Layout Showcase

A Big Change in our showcase program is the layout and contents per showcase.
 It is a full-colour fresh and modern layout in a very strong (60x40cm) carton showcase box.

New Showcase_1

1. 10 to 15% more bulbs on a pallet which will reduce transport costs.
2. Easier to lift, handle and place because of the smaller size.
3. The price per showcase is lower so it’s easier to choose more varieties
4. The striking new lay-out will improve sales.
5. Because of it’s very strong construction transport and lifting
damage will be reduced to the minimum.


*Export Wordwide

On this graphic you can see that there are a view growing area's.
All the numbers are in millions.

Export Wordlwide 2011


Export Wordlwide 2011 Grafiek

*Visiting holland in 2012

The spring is the most interesting time to visit the Netherlands.
There is a time for flowers exhibitions and Corso.
We can offer you the following places to visit:

Floriade 2012
The Netherland’s World Horticultural Expo takes place in Venlo from 5 April to 7 October

Hortus Bulborum Foundation

The Hortus Bulborum is the only museum garden in the world where you can find over 4,000 different tulip, hyacinth, daffodil and other bulbous cultivars, species and varieties in bloom. Nowhere on this globe you will find such a fine selection of old bulbs in one place.


The park is opening from 22 March to 20 May 2012, including all Sunday’s and public holidays.



Visit our webshop !

Once on our website you can click the button ’webshop’ and here you will find our -Perennials in bags - program.
We have soon our landscaping program online. 


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